Fellowship Program

Startup Engagement Program

Blockchain, as a technology is in a very nascent stage. It needs more business adoption, and for that more education and research. To promote blockchain, adding a more aligned research perspective to it, Nikoin has launched an ‘Nikoin Startup Engagement Programme’ in association with International Foundation for Blockchain and Cryptonomics (IFBC).


  • To impart deeper and collaborative understanding of the blockchain.
  • To encourage start-ups to build decentralised applications, which in turn will create a dynamic ecosystem for creative ideas to foster around Decentralisation and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), this will also allow startups to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology through Nikoin BaaS Platform and in the process contribute to their development.

Why Participate?

  • Access to Global blockchain community.
  • Access to blockchain resources, development tools.
  • Access to Global blockchain advisors.
  • Access to Nikoin BaaS Platform.
  • Accreditation from IFBC.
  • Investment and Incubation opportunities.

Who can apply?

  • Startups looking forward to leverage the blockchain.
  • Startups that are working with blockchain.


  • Submission of online application.
  • Selection of application.
  • Discussion of startup at Nikoin’s office.
  • Access to Nikoin community and resources.