Fellowship Program


Nikoin Fellowship Program is a research oriented learning program to enhance innovative thinking among students, professors and researchers supported by International Foundation of Blockchain and Cryptonomics.

1. For Students

For students, researching is always worthwhile, but the research they will do under NFP have been uniquely identified as opportunities for students to gain experience in the field of blockchain.

Why Participate?

  • Access to blockchain communities.
  • Access to blockchain resources
  • Access to community events of Nikoin and partners.
  • Exposure to startups working on blockchain.
  • Support of professors associated with NFP.

Who can apply?

Anyone with zeal to learn or research about blockchain and its applications.

Selection Process:

Online Application and Reference Letter by professor or organization.

Applications are judged according to following criteria:

  • Demonstrated interest and vision for blockchain innovation.
  • Vision for how they will utilize fellowship opportunity.


Minimum 6 months


2. For Professors/Researchers

NFP mentors are professors/ researchers in different fields of technology who want to volunteer guiding enthusiastic and talented students.


  • To held a meeting of group of students assigned to them once every two weeks.
  • Answering queries of students via email or whatsapp group.

What’s in it for you?

  • Access to international community of mentors.
  • Access to Nikoin resources.
  • Opportunity of becoming a speaker at our events.
  • Opportunity to learn about cutting edge technology of future.